Suggested settings for creating the content store in IBM Informix database server

The database that you create for the IBM® Cognos® Analytics content store must contain specific configuration settings.

Use the following guidelines when you create the content store. Use the same guidelines to create a database for log messages.

Use the following checklist to help you set up the content store on the IBM Informix® database server database.

  • Set the following environment variables:
    • Set GL_USEGLU to 1 to enable International Components for Unicode (ICU) in Informix database server.
    • Set DB_LOCALE to en_us.utf8 to set the database locale to Unicode.
  • Create a database in mode ANSI and with logging turned on.
  • For the user account that you use to access the database, grant the DBA database privilege.
    Important: If you host more than one database on your Informix instance and use them at the same time, use a different user account for each database. You must also define the user account in each instance of the IBM Cognos Configuration application by creating an advanced property parameter and specifying the user account as the value. For multiple content store databases, name the property CMSCRIPT_CS_ID. For multiple logging databases, name the property IPFSCRIPTIDX.