Working with objects

You can work with objects, such as visualizations and widgets, that are on the canvas.


  1. Select the object that you want to work with.

    If you don't see icons for the object, click the Switch to edit icon.

    Switch to edit icon
  2. Complete one or more of the following actions:
    Goal Actions
    Group objects Select several objects and click the Group icon.
    Group icon
    Align objects Select an object and click the Align icon.
    Ungroup icon
    Ungroup objects Select the group and click the Ungroup icon.
    Ungroup icon
    Layer objects
    To place the object behind other objects, click the Send to back icon.
    Send to back icon
    To place the object on top of the other objects, click the Bring to front icon.
    Bring to front icon
    Move objects Click and hold the Move icon and drag the object to its new location.
    Move icon
    Duplicate objects Click the Duplicate icon and then move the object to a new location.
    Duplicate icon
    Resize objects Drag one of the squares on the border of the object.
    Delete objects Click the Delete icon.
    Delete icon