Selecting multiple objects

Select multiple widgets and visualizations by using your mouse cursor to group or move multiple items together. For example, you might want to change the color or set the alignment for several widgets without having to edit each widget individually. You can change the fill color in the widget properties or choose an alignment option for all of the selected widgets at one time.

About this task

You can select multiple items with a mouse drag in both edit and preview mode.
Tip: If you want to select objects in preview mode, enable the Show selected border in preview property in edit mode for the objects that you want to select. Doing so helps you to identify selected items when you lasso around them in preview mode.


  1. Click anywhere on the canvas and drag your mouse cursor around the objects that you want to select.
    All items within the lasso you created are now selected.
  2. For all of the selected items, edit the alignment or other properties.