Linking to saved content

In Cognos Analytics, you can create a URL for any view in your dashboard or report. You can then send the URL by email or embed the URL in a web page or another dashboard or report.

You can share content objects, such as reports and dashboards, with a URL that opens the content object directly, instead of having to browse to the content object from the Cognos® Analytics welcome screen. You can also embed Cognos Analytics content objects (except for data modules) in customized web pages. An embedded content object does not display the application or navigation bars.

  1. Save your Cognos Analytics dashboard or report output in the Team content folder.
    Tip: Other users are not authorized to open content in your My content folder.
  2. Navigate to the view that you want to send to a co-worker.
  3. Click the More icon More icon for the asset and then, in the context menu, click Share.
    Tip: A different Share icon share icon appears in the application bar at the top of your window if you are viewing content on your canvas. However, if you click that icon, the Share panel only allows you to share the content from your current view, not previously saved output.
  4. In the Share panel, click the Link tab.
    Tip: You can modify the URL to perform other actions, such as opening a report for editing instead or running the report, or changing the output format of the report. For more information, see Creating custom URLs to display and run Cognos Analytics content.
  5. If you want to send the link to a co-worker by email, do the following:
    1. In the Link section, click the Copy icon tap the More icon to open the menu.

      The URL is copied to your clipboard.

    2. Paste the URL into your email and send the email.
  6. If you want to embed the html code for your view in a web page, go to the Embed code section, and follow these steps:
    1. If you want to change the height and width of the iframe that will contain the code, adjust the values in the Width and Height fields.
    2. click the Copy icon tap the More icon to open the menu.

      The URL is copied to your clipboard.

    3. Paste the URL into the html text of your web page.