Filtering data in all tabs

You can add a filter to apply to all visualizations that use the selected data asset in all tabs of your dashboard. Infographics don't have multiple tabs.

If you add the same column to the All tabs filter and to the This tab filter, the members that you pick in the All tabs filter are applied to the This tab filter. For example, you add the Year column to both filters. You filter All tabs to show 2015, 2016, and 2017. The This tab filter will show only these years and you can filter the years further.

You cannot drag a column between the All tabs and This tab filter areas.


  1. In the Sources pane, expand the data asset to see its contents.
    Data icon

    If you don't see the list of data assets, click the Switch to edit icon.

    Switch to edit icon
  2. Drag one or more columns to the All tabs filter area. You can change the order of columns that have been added to the filter.
    Tip: Any selections made in all tabs are cleared when applying any filter in the All Tabs filter area by selecting a subset of values.
  3. To define the filter, click the column in the All tabs filter area.
    • If the column contains distinct values, select the member or members that you want to filter on.
    • If the column contains continuous values, use the slider to select a range of values to filter on. You can also click the start or end points of the range and enter a number.
    • If the column is a hierarchy, expand the levels in the hierarchy and select the members or levels that you want. For example, select 2017 and each quarter in 2016.
    • If the column has the data type of date, time, or timestamp (also known as datetime), select before, after, or between for the dates to include in the filter.
  4. Click OK.