Define a Prompt Using a Context Filter

If context filters (or slicers) are defined, you can use these filters to create prompts in the report.

Prompts provide questions that help users to customize the information in a report to suit their own needs. For example, you create a prompt so that users can select a region. Only data for the specified region is retrieved and shown in the report.

Before you begin

Before you define a prompt, you must create context filters.


  1. In the Context filter section of the overview area, click the down arrow next to the filter to use as a prompt.
  2. Click Prompt and do one of the following:
    • To remove the prompt, click No Prompt.
    • To allow users who run the report to select any member from the hierarchy, click Prompt on Hierarchy.
    • To allow users who run the report to select from a list of members in the current level, click Prompt on Level.