Visualization types that support forecasting

Forecasting is supported in line, bar, and column visualizations.

The following table compares the forecasting display features for each visualization.

Forecasting features Line chart Bar chart Column chart
Forecast points Open circle Striped bar Striped column
Confidence interval display Shaded region Solid line Solid line
Activate confidence interval Click any point Click a forecast bar Click a forecast column
Number of confidence intervals displayed All 1 1

The following image shows a forecast on line and bar visualizations with activated bar intervals.

Forecast on line and column charts with activated confidence intervals

Insights and forecasting

Insights in visualizations provide analytic insights that can help users to detect and validate any important relationships and meaningful differences based on the data that is presented by the visualization. Insights work alongside forecasting in supported visualizations. Insights provide a separate set of analytic results, and the results are for historical values only. For more information, see Insights in visualizations.
Note: Support for forecasting and insights is available for packages only and is not available in visualizations for data modules containing a Planning Analytics cube. However, you can use the forecasting feature in an eligible visualization with a Planning Analytics cube, if you create an enriched package from the cube. For more information, see Creating an enriched package from a Planning Analytics cube.