Viewing related objects

You can explore a visual representation of the objects that are connected to the query subject or dimension that you select in the Project Viewer. The Context Explorer shows the objects that the selected object is connected to. You can also select a connected object and see its references.

You can hide an object in the Context Explorer. You can also change the layout, fit all objects in the Context Explorer, zoom in and out, print, preview diagrams before printing, and change the page setup.

You can also use the Dimension Map tab to explore dimensions.

About this task


  1. Select one or more objects that you want to explore.
  2. From the Tools menu, click Launch Context Explorer.
  3. To see the connected objects, click one or more objects and click the appropriate button.



    View the objects that are related to the selected object.

    show related objects icon

    View the immediate references for the objects.

    show immediate references icon

    View all references for the objects.

    show all references icon

  4. If you want to see details about an object, such as its relationships and query items, right-click the object, click Navigate Diagram, Diagram Settings, and then select the details you want.