Snowflake connections

You can configure a connection to Snowflake using the Snowflake JDBC driver so that it passes a JSON Web Token (JWT) when authenticating to the database.

To enable a Snowflake connection, complete these tasks:

  1. Choose an identity provider namespace that can return claims in the JWT that Snowflake requires.
  2. Configure Cognos Analytics to use the OpenID Connect authentication provider.

    For more information, see OpenID Connect authentication provider.

  3. Specify the connection settings:
    1. Select the OpenID Connect namespace that you configured as an identity provider.
      Tip: This allows the JWT token to be passed.
    2. Select Use an external namespace as the authentication method.
    3. Include the Snowflake name-value pair authenticator=oauth in the connection URL.

    For more information, see Creating a data server connection.

For information about Snowflake JWT authentication, see the Snowflake documentation.