IBM Secure Gateway (On-Demand only)

Use IBM Secure Gateway to maintain an encrypted connection between an on-premises Secure Gateway Client and the Secure Gateway Servers that IBM maintains on Cloud. This allows you to use IBM Cognos Analytics on Demand to securely consume your on-premises data.

Secure Gateway at a glance

First, you install the Secure Gateway Client in your on-premises network and configure an encrypted (TLS v1.2) bi-directional connection with the on Cloud Secure Gateway server. Next, you establish a secure connection between the Secure Gateway Client and an on-premises database. This on-premise database is called the destination database. Your on-premises data can then be securely accessed and manipulated by Cognos Analytics on Demand.

Secure Secure Gateway map , showing server, client, and destination host and database
Note: IBM Secure Gateway is only available for use with Cognos Analytics on Demand. IBM Secure Gateway is not supported for Cognos Analytics on Cloud - Hosted users. For more information, see Tenant administration.

For more info

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