Sort Sets by Label

You can sort sets of members based on their label (or caption). By default, when you select Sort by Label, Ascending or Descending, the members within the set are sorted only by their labels. You can also perform advanced sorting to sort sets using an intersection (tuple) or a member property.

For example, a set contains regions and you sort the regions within the set in descending alphabetical order. Only extended data items that represent sets support set sorting.

Before you can perform set sorting, you must create sets for the members in your report.

You cannot sort data items from different dimensions that are intermixed. For example, if you have years and products on the same edge and at the same level in your crosstab, you can sort the years, and you can sort the product lines, but you cannot sort them as combined set because years and products come from different dimensions.


  1. In a crosstab, select a set to sort.
  2. In the report object toolbar, click the sort button sort icon and under Sort by Label, click Ascending or Descending.
    Tip: To remove a sort order, click Don't Sort.