Relinking sources

You can relink a dashboard to the same source or to a different source directly from the dashboard.

About this task

The relinked (target) source must be of the same type as the original source. For example, a package can be relinked only to another package and an uploaded file to an uploaded file.

Note: Relinking data modules is not supported.

In addition to the matching source types, the following conditions must be met:

  • All columns from the original source must exist in the target source, and the columns Identifier properties (case-sensitive) and data types must match. For example, file A with columns ColA and ColB can be relinked to file A (in a different folder) with columns ColA and ColB. Relinking to file A with columns colA and colB would not work.
  • For packages, all tables from the original source must exist in the target source and the tables Identifier properties (case-insensitive) must match.
  • For files, the target file name must match exactly the source file name. All column names between the two files must match.
  • If the file is a multi-sheet spreadsheet, then all sheet names must match between the two files.

For example, your visualizations are linked to a source called Sales_Data.xlsx. You can relink your visualizations to an updated Sales_Data.xlsx source or to a different source called Sales_Data.xlsx, stored in a different folder. If the same columns appear in both sources, the visualizations are updated automatically. If the columns don't match, the visualization indicates that a field is missing. To resolve the mismatched columns, expand the visualization and manually update the columns.

Note: When you relink a data source and multiple data source connections and data source signons are associated with your credentials, a message prompts you to resolve the ambiguous connections.

To switch the data source connection while you are authoring a dashboard or story, use Relink in the Selected sources pane.


  1. Open the Selected sources pane.
  2. Click the More icon Menu icon next to a data source.
  3. Click Relink and browse to the data source that you want to use.