Expanding visualization content in PDF output

You can configure crosstab, table, or list visualizations in a dashboard to export expanded visualization content into the PDF output.

Some visualizations on the dashboard canvas display limited information. To find more details, you normally use the scroll bars to zoom in or scroll through the information. When you export your dashboard to PDF, the information that the visualization displays on your screen is what you see in the PDF output in the main canvas.

You can configure crosstab, table, or list visualizations on the dashboard to export detailed information into new pages in the PDF output. A hyperlink at the visualization on the main canvas in the PDF file directs you to the new page where the detailed visualization information appears.

Click a visualization that you want to configure, then click the Properties icon.
Properties icon
Click General, then select the Print options setting under PDF print settings. Change the setting to New page to enable the visualization to export detailed information in a new page on the PDF output.
PDF print settings field set to New page.

For more information, see Exporting a dashboard to PDF.