Creating a visualization in a dashboard

While you assemble a dashboard, you might realize that you need another visualization. You can create one in the dashboard.


  1. Click Sources.
    Sources icon

    If you don't see the Sources icon, click the Edit icon.

    Switch to edit icon
  2. In the Selected sources pane, expand the data asset that you want to use.

    If a different data asset is open, click Selected sources to see a list of the data assets you have open.

  3. To create the new visualization, complete one of the following actions:
    • Drag a column onto the canvas.

      IBM® Cognos Analytics creates a visualization to match the column. For example, when you add Year or Department, a table is created. Drag in a measure, such as Revenue, and a bar visualization is created.

    • Click Visualizations and select a type. Then, add a column to each field.
      Visualizations icon