Collecting and analyzing performance data about a dashboard

You can use Cognos Analytics Interactive Performance Assistant (IPA) to obtain and analyze detailed performance data about your dashboards.

Before you begin

Your administrator must first set up IPA to collect performance data.

About this task

The performance data for your dashboard is captured in the IPA database when you run your report. The dashboard performance reports referenced in the steps below are located in Team content > ZIPI > Interactive Performance Assistant.

IPA folder
Note: The performance detail reports that are included in Cognos Analytics are in English only.


  1. In Team content, navigate to your dashboard and click it to open it.
  2. Click the Edit icon Edit icon to go in Author mode.
  3. Select a widget and press Ctrl + . (period).

    The Serviceability flyout opens.

  4. Enable the Show duration for all visualizations option.

    This specifies that performance information is returned.

  5. Enable the Rerun all widgets to include performance details option.

    The data in the flyout is refreshed with new performance numbers. The Duration numbers represent the time, in milliseconds, to run queries and render the visualization.

    Server query 1 (ms) and Server query 2 (ms) represent the queries for the line and bar components of the chart.

  6. To determine which query relates to the columns and which relates to the line, click View Specification. Download and search the specification. The first reference is the first query and so on.
  7. Click a query link in the Duration section of the Serviceability flyout.

    The Process time dashboard report appears.

  8. Copy the ZIPI ID value to a Notepad file.
    Tip: If you navigate later to one of the performance reports in Team content > ZIPI > Interactive Performance Assistant, you may need to select the ZIPI ID for the dashboard you're interested in.
  9. Click the Dashboard request sequence chart button.
    The Dashboard request sequence Gantt chart appears. By default, it shows the start and end times of all the processes of the dashboard. Processes shown include the following:
    • Java process – Content Manager, presents the output in the viewer.
    • BIBusTKServerMain process – Output (HTML) generation. (Also query planning and execution for CQM.)
    • dataset-service - java process – Plans, executes the query, and generates a result set. (Not applicable to CQM.)
    • A dashboard running with Compatible Query Mode (CQM) does not display the dataset-service - java process, as this processing is performed in the BIBusTKServerMain process.
    • Firefox might not display the Gantt chart properly.
  10. If you want to see the Dashboard request sequence Gantt chart for a specific set of criteria, select the filters that you want.
  11. Click the Dashboard process time button, and then click an Action Name link in the Process time dashboard report.
    The Dashboard object path time report appears. It lists the objects for the selected action and their execution times in milliseconds.