Installation checklist for using the IBM Cognos Dynamic Cubes software

IBM® Cognos® Dynamic Cubes is used to model dimensional metadata and to create dynamic cubes to use as data sources in the Content Manager. The software includes IBM Cognos Cube Designer for designing dynamic, aggregate, and virtual cubes.

To install the IBM Cognos Dynamic Cubes software, perform the following tasks:

  • Upgrade or install IBM Cognos Analytics version 11.0.0 Server software on a Windows, UNIX Linux® operating system.
  • Install IBM Cognos Cube Designer.
  • Upgrade or install version 11.0-.0 of IBM Cognos Dynamic Query Analyzer on a 32-bit or 64-bit computer where the IBM Cognos Analytics Application Tier components are currently installed.
  • Enable the 64-bit version of Report Server.
  • Configure data connectivity to relational data sources.
  • Test the IBM Cognos Cube Designer installation from the Start menu or from Framework Manager software.

64-bit installations

The report server component, included with the Application Tier Components, is provided in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Selecting which version you use is done by using IBM Cognos Configuration after installation. By default, the report server component is set to use the 32-bit mode, even on a 64-bit computer. By using the 32-bit mode, you can run all reports, whereas by using the 64-bit mode, you can run only reports created for dynamic query mode for improved report performance.

For more information about configuring the 64-bit report server, see the IBM Cognos Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide.