Ensuring that root members in a Planning Analytics data source match those in the TM1 client

If you import a TM1 data source into Cognos Analytics and select the data source type as IBM Planning Analytics, the list of root members in the metadata tree may look different than the list that appears in TM1 client.


You can enable the REST API tm1.RootMembers(). This REST API returns root members from the Planning Analytics data source that match the root members returned from the TM1 Client.

Important: You must be using a Planning Analytics server version of 2.0.6 or later.

Follow these steps:

  1. Stop the IBM Cognos Analytics service.
  2. Go to installation_location\configuration
  3. If the file xqe.config.custom.xml does not yet exist, copy the file xqe.config.xml and rename it xqe.config.custom.xml
  4. Edit xqe.config.custom.xml:
    1. Immediately after the <queryExecution> line, add the following line:
      <paUseRootMembers enabled="true"/>
    2. Save xqe.config.custom.xml.
  5. Start the IBM Cognos Analytics service.