Adding data to a data-driven control

For data-driven controls, you insert data items from the package.


  1. From either the Data Data icon tab, or the Source tab Data icon, drag query subjects or query items to the control.
  2. To add an image to the data in the control, drag the appropriate data item to the Icon box.
  3. If the data that will appear in the control depends on other data that you do not want to show, drag the appropriate data item to the Extra Items box.

    For example, you add Product type to a data list box control and you want to filter the product types that appear in the control based on a product line selected in another control. To filter the data, you must drag Product line to the Extra Items box.

    Tip: IBM® Cognos® Analytics - Reporting can automatically copy data items from other controls when you create connections between controls.
  4. If no other card matches the variable value, create a default card.
    1. From the data deck, click Show properties and navigate to the properties of the deck.
    2. Click Yes for the Show Default Card property, then click the Current Card property and select Default.
    3. Insert the objects that you want to appear on the default card.