Creating URLs to other sites

A URL is a standard way of identifying the location of any external file or website. Create URLs to keep the files and websites you use most frequently at your fingertips. Clicking a URL opens the file or website in the browser.

About this task

The URL must contain a valid server name that is included in the valid domains list, as specified by your administrator. Otherwise, you cannot create the URL.

Administrators maintain the list of valid domains. For more information, see Configuring IBM Cognos components to use IBM Cognos Application Firewall.


  1. In a subfolder within Team content, or in My content, ensure that no items are selected.
    Tip: You can't add a URL directly to a folder, such as Team content or Samples.
  2. In the actions toolbar, click the Add link icon .
  3. In the Add a URL box, type the URL name.
  4. If you want, specify the Description.
  5. In the URL field, type the URL.

    If the URL points to a website address, the protocol must be included. For example, to create a URL for the IBM website, type

    The URL must use a valid domain, as specified by your administrator. To view a list of acceptable domains, click View acceptable domains.

  6. Click Add.