Copying or moving entries

When you create a copy of an entry, you create a replica of that entry in another location in the portal. When you move an entry, you remove it from the current folder and place it in another folder.

The IDs and links of the copied or moved entry are either maintained or overwritten.

Before you begin

You must have read permissions for the entry that you are attempting to copy or move. You must also have traverse permissions for the current folder, and write and traverse permissions for the target folder.

About this task

If you copy or move a report from one folder to another, the report retains its ID and any links, including the link to the associated package. However, when you overwrite an existing entry, the link behavior depends on whether you copy or move the entry.

  • If you copy and overwrite an existing entry, the copied entry ID and links replace those of the existing entry. In this case, you might need to update links, such as links to job schedules for reports.
  • If you move and overwrite an existing entry, the existing entry ID and links are maintained. In this case, references to the moved entry are broken.
Tip: When moving entries between the Team content and My content folders, remember that some entries must be stored together to function properly. For example, a data module and an uploaded file that the data module is based on must both be stored in Team content if you want other users to be able to access reports, dashboards, or explorations that reference the data in the file.


  1. Locate the entry in Team content, My content, or a different folder, and select the entry checkbox.
  2. From the entry Action menuVertical actions menu icon, or from the More option in the action toolbar, click Copy or move to.
  3. Locate the target folder, and click Copy or Move.