Setting up an unattended installation

Set up an unattended installation and configuration when you want to install an identical configuration across several computers on your network or to automate the installation process by specifying options and settings for users.

There are two ways to set up an unattended installation. Both methods use a transfer specification file (.ats) to copy IBM® Cognos® Dynamic Cubes components to your computer without you being prompted for information.

One method allows you to run the installation wizard on your computer. The selections that you make are recorded in a transfer specification file (.ats). You can use the generated .ats file to perform an unattended installation across other computers on your network. Alternatively, you can use the default response.ats file to automate the installation. The installer uses the values in the response file rather than requiring you to interact with it.

Before you set up an unattended installation and configuration, ensure that all the system requirements and prerequisites are met and that all other software that you need is installed and configured.

To set up an unattended installation and configuration:
  • Configure a transfer specification file (.ats) to specify installation options
  • Run the installation tool in silent mode