Bookmark references

When you drill through, the values that you pass are usually, but not always, used to filter the report. IBM® Cognos® Analytics supports bookmarks within saved PDF and HTML reports so that a user can scroll a report to view the relevant part based on a URL parameter.

For example, you have a large inventory report scheduled to run daily or weekly during off hours because of resource considerations. Your users may want to view this report as a target because it contains detailed information, but you want them to view the saved output rather than run this large report. Using this Action option and bookmark settings, users can drill through from another source location based on products to open the saved report to the page that shows the product they want to focus on.

When a bookmark in the source report is used in a drill through definition, it provides the value for the URL parameter. When report consumers drill through using this definition, they see the relevant section of the target report.

Note: Bookmarks are not supported with drill through on visualizations.

Bookmark references are limited to previously run reports that are output as PDF or HTML and contain bookmark objects.