Changed Welcome page user experience

The Welcome page was redesigned to focus on the Cognos® Analytics AI and self-service capabilities, and quick access to data.

Welcome page as of version 12

The Welcome banner now includes the Assistant input box where you can ask questions about your data to gain insights quickly.

The tiles Upload data and start creating content and Create content from existing data support the two most basic use cases for creating content in Cognos Analytics. In the first case, the user is guided to upload data files and create content based on these files. In the second case, the user is guided to select a data source from the Content view and use this source to create content. In both cases, the system recommends the most suitable type of content to create based on the data source and user's access permissions.

The View all content link opens the Content view where you can browse or search for all content that's available to you in Cognos Analytics.

For more information, see Welcome page.