IBM Cognos Series 7 Namespaces and the IBM Cognos Series 7 Trusted Signon Plug-in

If the IBM® Cognos® Series 7 namespace uses the Trusted Signon plug-in for single signon, you must define the SaferAPIGetTrustedSignonWithEnv function in your plug-in. Then you must recompile and redeploy the library for single signon to be achieved between IBM Cognos components and your authentication mechanism.

The SaferAPIGetTrustedSignonWithEnv function is an updated version of the SaferAPIGetTrustedSignon function. This update is required because IBM Cognos logon is not performed at the Web server as is the case for IBM Cognos Series 7 applications. Therefore, it is not possible for the plug-in to perform a getenv() API call to retrieve Web server environment variables. The plug-in can request that specific environment variables be removed from the Web server using the SaferAPIGetTrustedSignonWithEnv function.

If you are running both IBM Cognos Series 7 and IBM Cognos products using the same plug-in, both the SaferAPIGetTrustedSignonWithEnv and SaferAPIGetTrustedSignon functions are required. For information about the SaferAPIGetTrustedSignon function, see the IBM Cognos Series 7 documentation.