Getting started with the Assistant

Before you can use the Assistant, you need to set the context for the Assistant by connecting it to a data source.

You can connect to a data source from the Assistant panel. You can connect to:

  • A sample data source that is optimized for use with the Assistant
  • Your own data source
Selecting a data source to use the Assistant

You can also type load source <source name> in the Assistant input field or enter load data to see a list of your data sources and select one.

Once the data source is connected, the name of the data source displays in the Assistant.

If you selected a sample data source, a list of suggested questions displays in the Assistant. If you use your own data source, you won't see a list of suggested questions but you can type suggest questions to see questions you can ask the Assistant or directly enter your query in the input field.

If you want to ask the Assistant questions or queries based on the context of a different data source, click the Change link next to the data source name in the Assistant, or type load source <source name> to load the data source.

Changing a data source connection in the Assistant

As you use the Assistant, the Assistant also identifies the best data source for your question or query. After the data source loads, the Assistant sets the data source as the context for further questions.

In Dashboards, Explorations, and Stories, the Assistant can detect if there is a conflict between the connected data source and an active data source and lets you change the data source accordingly. For example, if you are connected to one data source but open a dashboard from another data source, the Assistant lets you know that there are multiple data sources in the view, allowing you to change your connection.