Adding entrance animation to data

You can add Data entrance animation properties to some visualization types.

About this task

Add the following entrance animation to some types of visualizations.

  • Entry animation type
  • Entry stagger
  • Entry animation duration

You cannot add an entrance animation to a widget that starts at the beginning of the timeline. You also cannot you add an exit animation to a widget that ends at the end of the timeline.


  1. Click Edit or preview Change mode icon.
  2. Click Scene selector Scene selector icon.
  3. Click the scene with the widget you want to add an animation to.
  4. Click the widget that you want to add an animation to.
  5. Click Properties Properties icon.
  6. Click the Animation tab.
  7. Expand Data entrance.
  8. Select the type of entrance animation from the Entry animation type list.
  9. Click the Entry stagger toggle when you want your data to stagger in at different times when you play your story.
  10. Use the Entry animation duration field to define how long the entrance animation takes to complete.