Showing the query information

Modelers can view and copy the query information (SQL) that was used to generate tables and relationships for SQL-based data sources.

The source types that this feature applies to include data servers, packages, and data modules that are based on data servers and packages.

The following types of query information are supported:

  • Cognos SQL

    An SQL statement that uses the IBM Cognos implementation of standard SQL.

  • Native SQL

    An SQL statement that uses vendor-specific SQL constructs.

  • Query response

    The complete response that contains all messages that were generated when the query was processed.

For more information, see Supported SQL types.


  1. To view the table SQL, in the data tree, from the table context menu Vertical actions menu icon select Show query information. To view the relationship SQL, on the Relationships tab, right-click the relationship join in the diagram, and select Show query information.
  2. By default, the query information is generated as Cognos SQL. From the Query information type menu, you can change the viewing options to Native SQL or Query response.
  3. To copy the SQL to the clipboard, click the copy Icon representing the copy function in the message. icon.