Natural language details

Natural language details is a text feature that augments displayed visualizations with more summaries. Details provide insights that are obtained from an appropriate data analysis that is relevant to you.


This feature is available for visualizations that are created in an exploration and the textual details are displayed in the matching details pane. With this information, you can obtain information that is the most relevant for the viewed data in a natural language format. More summaries and details that are not available in the visualization are also shown.


Basic details provide simple summaries of the data that is not readily seen in the displayed visualization. While this information can be obtained by you through specifying other related visualizations, such exploration steps become unnecessary because related summaries are made available as textual details.

Details that are based on the insights in visualizations provide text description of the details that can be obtained through the Insights box in the displayed visualization or related visualizations. They provide more clarity to the displayed insights and also allow adding further insights that are not available in the displayed visualization.


Details are based on the fields that are displayed in the matching visualization. Related analysis can draw on additional summaries, but does not include any fields not specified in the visualization. Summaries and details are converted into translatable text by using templates rather than a full natural language generation facility. This results in some language repetitiveness in the rendered text, but it does not diminish the amount or quality of the displayed information.