Usage property

The Usage property identifies the intended use for the data represented by each query item. During importing, the Usage property is set according to the type of data that the query items represent in the data source.

You need to verify that this property is set correctly. For example, if you import a numeric column that participates in a relationship, the Usage property is set to identifier. You can change the property.

For relational query items, the value of the Usage property depends on the type of database object the query item is based on.

Usage property

Database object



key, index, date, datetime

Represents a column that is used to group or summarize the data in a Fact column with which it has a relationship.

Also represents an indexed column.

Also represents a column that is of the date or time type.


numeric, timeinterval

Represents a column that contains numeric data that can be grouped or summarized, such as Product Cost.



Represents a column that is neither an Identifier or Fact, such as Description.