Release 12.0.0 - June 2023

This section describes new and changed features in IBM® Cognos® Analytics 12.0.0.

Do not upgrade your 11.2.4 FP3 content to version 12.0.0, 12.0.1, or 12.0.2. If you do so, you may need to run specialized scripts before you can do another upgrade to version 12.0.3 or later. If you want to upgrade 11.2.4 FP3 content to version 12.0.x, you must wait until 12.0.3 or later to do so.

Schema changes are made in the content store of 11.2.4 FP3 (and future releases) to support faster processing of content retention rules. Therefore, when you upgrade from 11.2.4 FP3 (or later), you must upgrade to a release with the same content store enhancements, for example, 12.0.3 (or later).

You can still upgrade any 11.2.x content other than 11.2.4 FP3 to any version of 12.0.x.