A river visualization is an area visualization where sections are stacked on top of another instead of overlaying each other. Use an area visualization to emphasize the magnitude of change over time.

Use river visualizations to show changes of different categories over time, when the categories start and stop at different times. The height of each individual river shows how the river changed over time. The length shows its duration. Colors can provide more information about the value of a category or to differentiate between categories.

Because a river visualization stacks the results for each column or item, the total of all results is easily seen.

For example, a river visualization is excellent for looking at revenue over time across several products.

This example shows renewals by offer type over a year.

River visualization by offer type over a year
Create the River visualization by dragging the following data items from Renewals in the Sources pane data icon:
  • Drag Month onto the x-axis field.
  • Drag Renew Offer Type onto the Color field.
  • Drag Accepted onto the y-axis field.
Create a river visualization
To change the size of the visualization, click the visualization, then set the following option in the Properties Properties pane:
  • Size - Width: 1000 px, Height: 300 px


You can see an example of a bullet visualization in the sample report Customer lifetime value analysis. You can find the sample here: Team content > Samples > By industry > Insurance > Data > Customer analysis.

If any of the sample objects are missing, contact your administrator.