Use a radar visualization for comparing multiple quantitative variables. The radar visualization shows which variables have similar values or if there are any outliers amongst each variable.

Radar visualizations are also useful for seeing which variables are scoring high or low within a data set, making them ideal for displaying performance.

Examples of using a radar visualizations are:
  • Comparing cars: speed, durability, comfort, power, space.
  • Competitor profiles: number of employees, revenue, profit, current stock price, customer satisfaction.

The following example shows the revenues per retailer type for product lines in different states.

Example of a radar visualization

The radar visualization was created by dragging the following data items from the Sources data icon pane:

  • Drag Vehicle Class onto the x-axis field.
  • Drag Vehicle Size onto the Color field.
  • Drag Customer Lifetime Value onto the y-axis field.
Example of how to populate the data slots for a hierarchical packed bubble visualization


You can see examples of visualizations in the sample report Customer lifetime value analysis. You can find the sample here: Team content > Samples > Reports > Standard reports > Customer lifetime value analysis.

If any of the sample objects are missing, contact your administrator.