Heat map

Use a heat map visualization to visualize the relationship between columns, represented in a matrix type view.

A heat map visualization uses color and intensity of the color to show the relationship between two columns.

For example, this heat map visualization shows the average customer lifetime value by gender and education.
Heatmap visualization showing Customer Lifetime Value by Gender and Education
Create the heatmap visualization by dragging the following data items from the Sources panel data icon:
  • Drag Gender onto the Rows field.
  • Drag Education onto the Columns field.
  • Drag Customer Lifetime Value onto the Heat field.
Animated image that shows how to create a heatmap visualization


You can see examples of visualizations in the sample report Customer lifetime value analysis. You can find the sample here: Team content > Samples > Reports > Standard reports > Customer lifetime value analysis.

If any of the sample objects are missing, contact your administrator.