Example: Adding latitude and longitude data to a map

This example uses the California website visits sample data to show data by latitude and longitude on a map.

Before you begin

You must have access to the IBM® Cognos® Analytics with Watson base samples. If your administrator installed these samples, they are in Team content > Samples > Data.


  1. Click New and then click Report.
  2. In the Templates and themes window, click Blank and then click OK.
  3. On the canvas, click the Pinned icon pinned items icon, and then click Visualization.
  4. In the Visualization gallery, click Map, and then click OK.
  5. At the top of the data slot pane, click the down arrow and select Latitude/Longitude.
  6. In the navigation pane, click Select sources or the Add a source icon pinned items icon, select Team content > Samples > Data > California website visits and click Open.
  7. Expand California Zip Website Visits Xlsx and drag Latitude and Longitude to their data slots.
  8. Drag City to the Label data slot. The latitude, longitude, name of the city appears when you hover over the data points.
  9. Drag Website Visits to the Point size data slot and drag Visitor Ranking to the Point color data slot.
  10. Select Page preview to run the report.
    Note: You can also click Run options > Run HTML to run the report.
    The report runs and zooms in on California. Notice that the visualization is hard to read because the points are very close together.
  11. Select Page design to return to page design mode. If you ran the report from Run options, close the tab, which returns you to page design mode.
  12. Make sure that the visualization is selected on the canvas, and in the Properties pane, under LATITUDE/LONGITUDE, in the Type field, select Cluster.
  13. Under LATITUDE/LONGITUDE, set Transparency to 20.
  14. Optionally, under COLOR PALETTE, set a color palette for the Latitude/Longitude property.
  15. Run the report.
    Now the website visits are clustered by latitude and longitude.
  16. Save the report when you're done.