Cognos Analytics on Cloud Hosted

Cognos® Analytics on Cloud Hosted is a SaaS, single-tenant cloud offering that is hosted in an IBM Cloud data center.

This offering gives you access to the most current functionality of Cognos Analytics to develop dashboards, reports, and explorations, to view scheduled reports, to consume active reports, and more.

Cognos Analytics on Cloud Hosted provides interactive online analytical processing exploration and helps you create and format a wide variety of report types, including lists, crosstabs, charts, and financial statements. This offering extends consumption of reports with a broad range of mobile devices such as Apple iPhone, Android phones, and tablets.

IBM provides the hardware, software, and support, with guaranteed up-times and automatic backups. As a result, the overall cost of the solution for the customers is greatly reduced.

Cognos Analytics on Cloud Hosted offers the following capabilities:

  • Integration with your existing security providers, such as LDAP or Active Directory.
  • Administration services, including guaranteed up-times and automatic backups that are provided by dedicated IBM Cloud Ops.
  • Multiple environments, such as development, test, and production.
  • Access to data in your Cognos Analytics on-premises offering through dedicated VPN tunnels, free of charge.

The product version is updated in consultation with the customer, and it must be one of the three latest versions of Cognos Analytics. For example, if the latest version of Cognos Analytics is 11.2.3, the customer must be on version 11.2.0 or later.