Uploading files

You can upload supported file types that are stored in any location to which your computer has local or LAN access.

You can upload each data file individually or upload multiple files concurrently. Multiple files can also be compressed for a one-step upload.

Before you begin

Review the Best practices for improving query performance on uploaded files and data sets.

The package or data module that you plan to use as a source for your data set must already be saved in Team content or My content.


  1. Use the following methods to upload files:
    • In the Cognos® Analytics welcome page, click the Open menu icon Open menu icon in the application bar, and then click Upload data. Browse for the files on your local drive or on the LAN, and select one or multiple files to upload them.
    • Drag one or multiple files from your local drive onto the welcome page to activate the Quick upload functionality. When Quick upload appears, drop the files into the appropriate box to immediately start building a data module, exploration, dashboard, or a notebook.

    • From the Content view, click Upload data. Locate the files on your local drive or on the LAN, and select one or multiple files to upload them. The files are saved to the folder from which you initiated the upload.

    Tip: At different upload stages, progress and error messages are shown for single-file uploads and consolidated, progress messages for multi-file uploads.
  2. Optional: If the Replace data message is displayed, it means that a file was uploaded before, and you can either replace or append data to the file. For more information, see Updating data in uploaded files.


By default, the uploaded files are saved in My content. When the upload was initiated from a specific folder in Team content or My content, the files are saved to that folder.

If an administrator specified a different default, shared location in Team content for uploaded files at the role, tenant, or global level, you can save the uploaded files to this location.

What to do next

Use uploaded files to create dashboards, stories, explorations, data modules, or data sets.

To join two uploaded files, create a data module using them as sources.

Reporting can't use uploaded files directly. However, they can be incorporated into a data module, which can then be used as a source in Reporting.