Narrative insights in dashboard visualizations

IBM® Cognos® Analytics now displays narrative insights in dashboard visualizations that help you see meaningful aspects of the chart’s data in natural language.

Narrative insights are different from the existing insights that summarize a visualization in dashboards and the details that display in explorations.

Narrative insights derive and leverage data from outside the visualization (such as by using other measures, categories, or time dimensions) to explain or highlight potential drivers, underlying causes, or further breakdown data.

The new auto-generated narrative insights are in natural language, making it easier to read and understand these insights.

You can see narrative insights for any eligible visualization by clicking the Narrative insights icon Narrative insights iconin the visualization or by expanding the Narrative insights section on the Analytics tab.

Visualization displaying narrative insights

Dashboard authors can mark a narrative insight as favorite and choose the order in which their favorites display. When the dashboard is shared, other users can see the favorited narrative insights and up to three additional insights suggested by Cognos Analytics.

Narrative insights are dynamic and change as the data in the visualization changes. Narrative insights, including favorited insights, don’t display if they are no longer relevant to the data in the visualization.

For more information, see Narrative insights in visualizations.