Cascading filters

Cognos® Analytics dashboards provide new option to allow filter selections in the All tabs area (Filters tab) to affect the available selections in a different category.

With this option enabled, any category that is used as a filter in the This tab area, or as a local filter, would not show values that would be filtered out by any of the filters in the All tabs area.

There is also an option to allow filters to cascade from the This tab area to local filters on a visualization.

Filters in either area can be grouped in a cascade set. Filters in a cascade set can affect selections for other filters in the set. Filters in a cascade set can affect each other in two possible ways: First to last or Multidirectional.

Cascading filter

You can create one cascade set in an area for each data source.

Cascading filter

The following image shows the new user interface elements in the filter dialog box.

Cascading filter