Changed process of handling preserved files

When you install IBM® Cognos® Analytics with Watson 11.2 over an earlier version of the product, new versions of preserved files, with the .new extension, are added to the installation directories.

Starting with Cognos Analytics 11.0.6, customers can specify which files in the installation directory must be preserved (not overwritten) when the product is upgraded to a newer version. Until now, new versions of the files that the customer chose to preserve were not installed during the upgrade process.

Starting with Cognos Analytics 11.2, new versions of preserved files, named, are added to the installation directories. For example, if you decide to preserve the samples deployment install_location\deployment\, the install_location\deployment directory will contain the following files after the upgrade:

    This is the preserved samples deployment.


    This is the new version of the samples deployment. If the installer used the manifest casrv-manifest-11.2.0-2104060200-linuxi38664h.json, the exact file name would be

Note: This change doesn’t apply to files and folders that are preserved by default.

For more information, see Preserved files and folders when upgrading Cognos Analytics.