Adding a schematic to a report

You can add schematics to your IBM® Cognos Analytics report.

About this task

Before you can import a schematic, author it first. For more information, see Authoring schematics - tutorial.

Schematics are visualizations that can map data directly onto an arbitrary graphic representation. Schematics can, for example be floor plans, seating arrangements, mechanical drawings, or schematic geographical representations.


  1. Create a report.
  2. In the Visualization gallery window, select 11.1 Visualizations from the menu.
  3. Click the Custom section.
    If there are no custom visuals available, then you can add a custom visual via the Add a custom visual button.
  4. Select the schematic that you want to use.
  5. A schematics package can contain several different SVGs. The first SVG is displayed. You can select other SVGs from the schematic package from Properties > Schematics > SVG reference.