Adding a drill-through definition for one dashboard to another

A drill-through definition in a visualization links a dashboard with another dashboard. One visualization can have multiple drill-through definitions.

About this task

For optimal performance, make sure that the target dashboard that you drill through to uses the same data source as the source dashboard. If the target dashboard uses a different data source from the source dashboard, apply filters when metadata identifiers match.

When you drill-through to another dashboard, the content of the visualization in your source dashboard is used to filter the target dashboard.


  1. Select the visualization that you want to work with.
  2. In the toolbar, click the Drill-through Drill-through icon icon.
  3. Click Add a new drill-through definition.

    If you don't see the Add a new drill-through definition icon, click the Switch to edit Switch to edit icon icon on the app bar first.

  4. From the Team content folder, browse to the target dashboard that you want to drill through to.
  5. Select the check box to add the drill-through definition to all visualizations in your dashboard or story that use the same data source in the same connection.

    When you are done, use the switcher on the app bar to return to your source dashboard.


You can now drill through from your visualization to the target dashboard. To do so, click one or more columns in your visualization and click the Drill-through Drill-through icon icon in the toolbar.