Using the customized welcome view

This task shows you how to install and use the custom welcome view.


Upload the Samples_for_Install deployment archive. (If not already done.)

  1. Use Manage > Administration console to open IBM Cognos Administration.
  2. On the Configuration tab, click Content Administration.
  3. On the toolbar, click the New Import button.
  4. Select Samples_for_Install in the first step of the New Import wizard and complete the remaining steps of the wizard.

Upload the sample extensions.

  1. In the Manage > Customizations slide-out panel, select the Extensions tab, click Upload extension(the upload theme icon), browse to the <installation_location>/samples/extensions folder, and select
  2. Repeat the preceding step for
  3. In your web browser, type <webserver_name>:<port_number>/bi/?perspective=sampleWelcome to view the customized welcome view.


The customized welcome view is shown here. It has a new menu (Quick links) on the application bar and new buttons on the navigation bar (Line dashboard, QTD revenue, 2016 reports, and Website). The Notifications button on the navigation bar is removed. The main screen has a new image, new text, and a link to a video.

sample welcome page showing tents in the mountains