Use a network visualization when you want to see the connections among columns in your data asset. A network visualization is a good choice to show connections, networks, and points of intersection.

Network visualizations display a set of nodes, represented by symbols, and links, represented by paths, to show the relationship between entities or items.

Use the From and To fields to define the relationship that you want to investigate.

For example, a network visualization can show offer acceptance by Vehicle Class.
Network visualization that shows offer acceptance by Vehicle class
Create the Network visualization by dragging the following data items from the Offers section in the Sources pane Data icon :
  • Drag Offer onto the From field.
  • Drag Vehicle Class onto the To field.
  • Drag Accepted onto the Line width field.
how to make a network visualization

Next, set the size and node properties.

  1. Click the visualization, then click Properties icon. Set set the following options in the Properties pane:
    • Size - Width: 500 px, Height: 300 px
    • Nodes minimum size: 20
    • Nodes maximum size: 100
  2. Click Properties icon to close the Properties pane.


You can see examples of visualizations in the sample report Customer lifetime value analysis. You can find the samples here: Team content > Samples > Reports > Customer lifetime value analysis.

If any of the sample objects are missing, contact your administrator.