Highlighting data in the timeline

You can use highlights to bring attention to specific data in your scene or to create navigation markers on your timeline.

About this task

Highlighting data brings attention to specific details that you want to convey to your audience.

You can define the data that you want to highlight and when you want the highlight to appear. For example, you can add a bar chart widget that displays a highlighted bar and dims all the other bars. You can have multiple highlights for a single visualization and across multiple visualizations.
Note: You can highlight data on any data widget, except for the summary data widget.
Highlighting data has the same effect as when you manually click a data item.
Note: Other visualizations in the same connection group might get filtered to the selected values if they do not contain the highlighted column.

If you enable the Navigate markers option, your highlights appear as navigation markers in the timeline.


  1. Click Edit or preview Edit or preview icon. The scene selector Scene selector icon contains the scenes in the story.
  2. Click Open timeline Open timeline icon from a scene.
  3. Click the slider for the visualization you want to highlight data on at the time on the timeline you want the highlight to occur.
  4. Click Add highlight Add highlight icon.
  5. Select a data category from the list.
  6. Select the specific data to highlight.
  7. Click Play Play button icon to see the effect.
  8. Drag the Highlight Highlight icon icon along the timeline, to when you want the data to be highlighted.
  9. Click the Highlight Highlight icon icon to edit or delete the highlight.