Stories can help you inform and engage your audience. You can use stories in IBM Cognos Analytics to create scenes that visualize your data and to tell a narrative.

What is a story?

A story is a type of view. A story is composed of a set of scenes that are displayed in sequence over time. Stories can be used to provide your data with a visual narrative.

What is a scene?

A scene can be considered as a container for a sequence of objects, such as widgets, data, or animations. The objects in a scene are also placed into a timeline, which dictates when the objects appear in the scene.

How is a story different from a dashboard?

Stories are similar to dashboards because they also use visualizations to share your insights. Stories differ from dashboards because they provide an over-time narrative and can convey a conclusion or recommendation.

For example, each scene can contain an analysis, insight, or piece of information that is revealed as the viewer plays the scenes in the story. The scenes build upon each other until the final scene, which provides a conclusion or summary.

What can I use to assemble a story?

You can add the following to your scenes when creating a story:

  • Visualizations from your collection of pins
  • New visualizations from your data set
  • Text, media, web pages, images, and shapes

What are animations?

Animations are one of the properties that a widget can have. By using animations, you can have define how widgets enter and exit your scenes.