Data servers

Data servers represent databases for which connections exist in Cognos® Analytics.

The data server Icon denoting data server connections connections must already be created in Manage > Data server connections or Manage > Administration console, and the metadata for one or more schemas in the data server must be loaded. Only schemas where metadata was loaded can be used in data modules.

Applies to version 11.1.6 and subsequent versions unless specifically overridden. When a data server schema is updated, you can reload the schema metadata from the data module. On the Sources tab, from the schema context menu, select Reload metadata.

For the legacy JDBC data source connections, ensure that the Allow web-based modeling check box is selected. These connections are created in the Administration console. If the Allow web-based modeling check box is not selected for this type of connections, the connections are not available in Manage > Data server connections, and cannot be used as data module sources. Go to Manage > Administration console . On the Configuration tab, select Data source connections, and find the connection. From the connection properties, click the Connection tab where the Allow web-based modeling check box is located.

If your data server is Planning Analytics, you create the TM1 cube-based data modules in the administration interface, as soon as the data server connection is created. For more information, see Creating data modules from Planning Analytics cubes.

For more information, see Data servers.