Organization visualization

An organizational visualization provides a quick glance into how the business is structured, whether it’s an established office, a startup, a manufacturing plant or something else.

About this task

For more information about the organization custom visualization sample on IBM Accelerator Catalog, see

To view the source code and packed bundle (.zip file) for the population sample custom visualization, go to this public GitHub repository. To download the files, navigate to the root of this directory and click Clone or download.

Organization visualizations are supported as of IBM® Cognos® Analytics 11.1.7

For more information about custom visualizations, see Developing custom visualizations. For an excellent tutorial to get you started, see Custom visualizations - tutorial.

There are two ways to use the custom visualization:
  • You can download the packed bundle (.zip file) and upload it directly into IBM Cognos Analytics.
  • You can download the source code to create your own version of it to pack and upload into Cognos Analytics.

The following steps demonstrate how to use the organization visualization and populate it with data.


  1. Create a dashboard and click the Visualization Change visualization icon icon in the toolbar.
  2. Click the Custom tab.
    If there are no custom visuals available, then you can add a custom visual by clicking the Add a custom visual Add a custom visual icon on the Custom tab.
  3. From the Custom visuals, select the population visualization.
  4. Upload Sample_Organization.csv ( and use it as the data source.
  5. Create the organization visualization by dragging the following data items from Sample_Organization.csv in the Sources pane Data icon:
    • Drag Name onto the Nodes field.
    • Drag Parent onto the Parent field.
    • Drag Level onto the Color field.
    Organization custom visualization

What to do next

An explanation of the specific properties within this visualization that can be adjusted:

Property Purpose
Nodes Title and label text properties.
Line type Curved, diagonal, or straight.
Tree direction Set the direction of the tree.