Cognos Analytics samples

IBM® Cognos® Analytics has an extensive collection of dashboards, stories, explorations, reports, data modules, and sample databases. These samples illustrate the use of many Cognos Analytics features.

Base samples

Base samples include sample reports, explorations, dashboards, and stories that use data modules that are based on uploaded files as their underlying data source so they can be easily imported. For more information about the base samples, see Importing the base samples.

Extended samples

Extended samples use an IBM DB2®, Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle database and database connection to host the sample databases.

For instructions on downloading and configuring these samples, see Downloading and configuring the extended samples.

JavaScript samples

These samples demonstrate how to add JavaScript to your reports. For more information, see JavaScript Samples for IBM Cognos Analytics.

Theme and extension samples

You can customize the IBM Cognos Analytics interface to suit the needs of your organization. Customization samples in the form of .zip files are available that demonstrate how to create themes, extensions, and views (perspectives). You can modify these samples to create your own customizations. For more information, see Theme and Extension Samples for IBM Cognos Analytics.

Audit reporting samples

You use the sample audit reports to view the information in a logging database about user and report activity. For more information, see Audit Reporting Samples for IBM Cognos Analytics.

OLAP samples

To demonstrate typical OLAP features, we created a sample dashboard, report, and the underlying OLAP cube. For more information, see OLAP Samples for IBM Cognos Analytics.

Package based drill-through samples

To demonstrate package based drill-through, we provided sample source and target reports that use the sample GO data warehouse (query) package and a drill-through definition. For more information, see Package Based Drill-Through Samples for IBM Cognos Analytics.

Legacy samples

Legacy samples from past versions are available for drill-through, dynamic cubes, IBM Cognos Metrics Manager, PowerCubes, and PowerPlay. For more information, see Legacy Samples.

10.2.2 Cognos Mashup Service (CMS) samples

The IBM® Cognos® Mashup Service includes code samples that illustrate how to use the SOAP and REST interfaces to develop mashup applications. For more information, see 10.2.2 Cognos Mashup Service (CMS) Samples for IBM Cognos Analytics.