Data tables

Use data tables to show detailed information from a source. Similar to lists, the data tables show data in rows and columns. However, unlike in lists, the data is rendered on the browser side, and not on the server side.

Each column shows all the values for a data item in the database, or a calculation that is based on data items in the database.

You can group and summarize data in data table columns, expand and collapse rows, apply filters to columns, and add custom indicators instead of numbers in measure columns.

The following animation shows an example of a data table report, and the data table interactions, such as expanding and collapsing rows, resizing columns, and filtering data.

Screen capture of a data table

To add a data table to a report in the Page design view, click the Toolbox pane Toolbox icon, and expand the DATA CONTAINER tab. Drag or double-click the Data table object. The data table is added to the report work area. From the Source pane source tab, drag or double-click data times to add them to the data table.