Configuring IBM Cognos components to use LDAP

You can configure IBM® Cognos® components to use an LDAP namespace as the authentication provider. You can use an LDAP namespace for users that are stored in an LDAP user directory, Active Directory Server, IBM Directory Server, Novell Directory Server, or Oracle Directory Server.

You can also use LDAP authentication with IBM Db2 and Essbase OLAP data sources by specifying the LDAP namespace when you set up the data source connection. For more information, see the IBM Cognos Analytics Administration and Security Guide.

You also have the option of making custom user properties from the LDAP namespace available to IBM Cognos components.

If you want to bind users to the LDAP server, see LDAP mapping.


  1. Configuring an LDAP namespace
  2. Make custom user properties available to IBM Cognos components, if required
  3. Enable secure communication to the LDAP server, if required
  4. Enable single signon between LDAP and IBM Cognos components, if required